You had almost forgotten the odd sense of loss that comes with house jumping, they were just things but it had become more of a home than you had planned. Better safe than hanging like a cheap chrstmas decoration on Terezi’s hanging tree. You kind of envy those who have popped up who can stay in one place with whom ever they want. You don’t mind adventuring, it’s always been your favorite thing. 

You just wished things were different and the adventures weren’t the only thing that kept you both alive.

You’re glad you the sense to grab a hoodie before you left, maroon blood meant you were somewhat warmer than him, but you still use him to block the slight breeze. His strides are quicker than yours so it’s easier to just hover and be towed along for the ride.

If you’re extra nice to him, he may let you on his shoulders, maybe. You swing his hand a bit and shrug, “Maybe someday it won’t be and the only time we’ll have to go is when we feel like it.” you offer. You know it’s not true but the idea is a nice one.

Kick a stone, kiss her cheek. You hope the kiss relays the sentiment that you don’t want to talk about it, much. You have no idea where you’re going, but you walk, walk, walk anyway.

You’re an odd pair if there ever was one.

All the alternates you’ve met so far have even said so, themselves.

"How far we goin’?"


Saying good bye to your collection of taxidermied animals was always the hardest part about leaving, you’d think after a while you’d stop collecting them but something about dead rodents in tiny outfits always got your attention, you almost had a whole town by now.

Mrs. Buttons wouldn’t like having Sunday tea on her lonesome, but sure she would understand. You found taxidermied turtles to be the most understanding of all your dead friends.

But, for now you needed to get out and make it quick, shoving things in a Hannah Montana bag from the thrift store you race around the house

 Finally you flutter by the door waiting on him and when he emerges from the back bedroom you smile at him, “We’ll be gone before the sun rises, I’ve missed sleeping under the stars anyway!”  treating it like more of an adventure than a flee for your lives had always helped you feel better. You take his hand in yours and grin at him, drawing a diamond in his palm, you tug him out the door and into the night.

Mrs. Buttons  was always kind of a bitch anyways.

Its always a weird feeling that pervades when you leave. You like to think one day you can just settle the fuck down with your girl. But that won’t happen unless your enemies are dead. You sometimes think about slinging that noose of hers around Terezi’s neck. Anyone else on her side would be next, and you could know peace.

Sometimes would also think about doing the same to yourself.

She etches a diamond in your palm and her voice brings you back to Earth, Earth, Earth. You fall into step beside your beloved. She’s so chipper about this; giving her hand a squeeze.

It’s cold.

"Wish this weren’t a motherfucking thing." you mumble.


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i need a walk

comin’ with you, sister.


both of you.

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TRACK NAME: Savior of the Waking World
ALBUM TITLE: Homestuck Vol. 5
ARTIST: Homestuck


-Savior of the Waking World

Homestuck Volume 5


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